Men’s Outing – Imperial War Museum and Science & Industry Museum

On Tuesday, 20th, March, 9 brave men and true set off for Manchester on the X41


In Manchester, we made to the Imperial War Museum at Salford Quays via tram. Everybody enjoyed their time here, and many of us thought we could have stayed an extra hour it was so good. Some very poignant and thought provoking displays and presentations, which made one realise how lucky we are. I thought the section on the Syrian war was very informative and heart wrenching


So, back on the tram to St. Peter’s Square, and into Wetherspoons for lunch and liquid. After some much needed refreshment it was on to the Science and Industry museum…………or was it?


Sat nav went somewhat awry, and despite howls of protest, we had a nice tour of the back streets of Manchester, but eventually made it to the museum, and enjoyed a good couple of hours looking at the many interesting exhibits to remind us of our industrial past


Then on to a different Wetherspoons (Deansgate), for a further much needed intake of solid and liquid refreshment. Back on the bus, and home to our respective beloveds


It was another great day out, and we look forward to the next one in April. Don’t forget to book with Roger because we need to book in at the brewery. So it is Hawes for visits to the Rope makers, and cheese makers, and then on to Masham for a visit to the Black Sheep Brewery


Thanks again to Roger for doing the necessary ground work