Holy Week and Easter

Dear brothers and sisters


As we approach Palm Sunday, which leads us into Holy week, the last week of Jesus’ life and ministry, Christians everywhere are asked to put in their windows a plain cross made of paper, cardboard, or palm leaves to last through the week. When Easter comes you are invited to decorate your cross elaborately to celebrate the risen Christ


During Holy week Bishop Julian (Blackburn) will release the following YouTube streams:

  • Worship for Palm Sunday (released at 9am and available thereafter)
  • Good Friday Meditation (released at 2pm on Good Friday)
  • Worship for Easter morning with all three Bishops (released at 9am)

In addition Bishop Philip (Burnley) will release three recordings made at St Laurence Church in Chorley:

  • Maundy Thursday Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper
  • Good Friday Liturgy of the Day (with reading of St John’s Passion)
  • Easter Morning Eucharist with Renewal of Baptismal Promises

All these services will be recorded in advance and will be available from the times stated on the Diocesan YouTube Channel

There are also Prayer Resources for use at home on the Diocesan Website Covid-19 prayer and resources page where you will find:

  • A Guide to Keeping Holy Week at home
  • Worship at home on Palm Sunday
  • Worship at home on Good Friday
  • Worship at home on Easter Day


For Children

Barefoot Easter Walk. A sensory barefoot walk taking you on a journey from Palm Sunday to Good Friday which would be great for families to do at home. And you could also find more ideas for adapting at home with multi-sensory Easter resources

Outdoor Easter – Two activity sheets for families to download and use together to help them understand and celebrate Easter

Weekly@ Easter Sessions for 2020 – These were designed for churches but there’s lots of things in there that could be adapted for use at home, including Easter prayer stations and ideas for under 5s

There is also the regular Weekly@ materials with adaptations for families on the Diocesan Board of Education social media pages; links at the top of the Board of Education website


I hope this will help you engage spiritually and faithfully through this most important season in our church calendar – the Passion of Christ

In addition, I will be doing short reflections on YouTube too, over Holy week every eve that will have a relevance to areas in Baxenden. Keep safe, keep praying, and keep joining us on Zoom conference every Tuesday and Thursday eve at 7:15pm and Sunday morning at 10am for Communion.


Yours in love and faith: Vicar Tom