Magnificent March

The snowdrops litter the lawn, the crocuses are peeping and Richard and I have moved from the back to the front of the Vicarage in order to find sun!

In the Church we have launched four very successful Connect groups – two near St Paul’s and two near St John’s.  Rich and I hope to start a group for newcomers soon.  These are great places to get to know people better, pray, learn and grow in faith.

Prayer and Discipleship

A highlight of the last month has been our Quiet Day at Whalley Abbey with around 20 of us but only two very brave men.  Thank you to Patricia for organising and leading it.  Look out for the re-launch of our monthly prayer evening and the launch of Thy Kingdom Come between Ascension day and Pentecost (18-28th May).  Prayer will be key as we start to pray about who we can invite to our Church Mission with Bishop Jill in June (9-11th June).

With Dave and Sheila Finch moving to a church nearer their home, I have asked Patricia to lead the Prayer and Discipleship team.

Invitational events                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You may have noticed that we are trying to have ‘Invitational Services’ each month.  Last month it was Pancake parties in both churches and next month it will be Mothering Sunday.  We are trying to make these services as accessible as possible for those not used to church, so do pray about who you might bring.

All Age Services

Last week at St John’s we saw the launch of a small All Age team including young people and some of the younger Mums at church.  I still think we need some of our mature adults to join the team!

At St Paul’s, owing to lack of leadership for the Children’s Church, we have decided to have two All Age Services each month.  Amanda and the Ministry team are considering whether Amanda should take a step back from preaching at St Paul’s in order to run the Children’s Church there.  We are meeting to discuss this soon, so please feedback to Janet, Roger, Tony, Hilary, Patricia or myself if you have any thoughts about this.

Toast Time and Dominoes Club at St Paul’s

We are relaunching Toast Time (a group for toddlers and their carers) weekly on a Wednesday morning from 15th March, straight after school drop off.  A team are also planning to start a Dominoes Club on the fourth Thursday of the month starting from 23rd March, 1.30-3pm.  If it takes off, we may go weekly. We will be sending out flyers in the local area, but please spread the word!  Thank you!

Preparing for Easter

I took an Ash Wednesday service for St John’s school, I have mentioned the quiet day and many of us are using the Lent booklets sent out by the diocese as we prepare for Easter.

However, Easter week, we are hoping to offer daily events run by our new Connect groups! Monday’s will be at St Paul’s in the evening, Tuesday’s at St Paul’s in the afternoon, Wednesday’s at St John’s in the evening, Thursday’s will be the Agape meal at St Paul’s (please let Kath or Janet know if you want tickets) and Good Friday will be at St John’s in the afternoon.  Both churches will have Holy Communion services on Easter Day.  Look out for more information in due course.

 I wish you joy as we start to emerge out of the winter and I want to thank God for signs of new growth in both our churches.

With every blessing,